READcycle, READuce: 5 Reasons Used Books Rock!

Did you know:

  • Producing and retailing a new book generates over 4 Kg of CO2

  • It is estimated that 1 tree is cut off to produce approximately 62 standard books

  • Out of the 17 billion cubic feet of trees felled every year, over 60% are used to produce paper

Why read used books?

  • As is evident from the above statistics, buying and reading used books is great for the environment. Buying pre-loved books reduces the need for production of new books, and that plays a huge role in reducing our carbon footprint.

  • It is easier on the pockets, especially if you or your children are book monsters! Those who love buying pre-loved books know this - there are very few pleasures in life that match up to coming home with a bagful of books and the wallet still feeling reassuringly heavy. It also obviously means a much bigger stack of books by the bedside at the same price. Also, not sure if a paroticular book is right for you? Simple - buy pre-loved at a fraction of the price you would pay for a new copy so that it doesn't hurt if the book turns out to be not what you were hoping.

  • When you buy a second-hand book, you are not only bringing home a book, you are adopting a piece of history. Who knows how many miles the book travelled and what amazing adventures it had along the way? Sometimes, you actually get a sneak peak into the history of the book, from a loving message scrawled in the inside cover, or a nugget of a thought scribble in the margin. If you are so lucky to find your favorite word circled in the book by a previous reader, you instantly share a crazy bond with them! In other words, used books have character - shaped by the many fingers that lovingly flipped through their pages!

  • Granted, new books have that soul-stirring, fresh-off-the-oven smell, but old books collect a unique mix of scent from all the adventures they experience.

  • Of course, a pre-loved book deserves the same love as a new one. But admit this, old books are low-maintenance. You would be much more comfortable throwing an old book in your backpack and hitting the road than you would a crisp, new, expensive one. Likewise, it would hurt your heart less to see your toddler smearing puree on a pre-loved book!

Here at Read Aloud, we bring to you a range of pre-loved English books for children at a very affordable price. These books are curated from charity shops, individuals, second-hand bookshops and yard sales. The condition of the books are specified honestly and in as much detail as possible.

Some books you take home from Read Aloud would hopefully find a forever home in your bookshelf or be a part of children's bedtimes in your family for generations. However, there might be books you will feel ready to part with. We urge you to pass those on to another little booklover, donate to your local library or charity shop or, in case they are not usable, to dispose of them responsibly.

Happy reading!

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